Single Work-at-Home Moms

Can It Be Done?

I am a single mother and I would like to stay at home with my children. Working all day and sending them to daycare doesn’t allow me to raise them the way I would like. I am trying to become a work-at-home mom, starting my own business. I would like to see articles for single mothers who would like to stay at home. Everything I read on SAH moms supposes there is a back-up husband steadily bringing money. I think single mothers also have the right to become the primary caregiver of their children even if they are not married. There must be a lot of single mothers who want to be able to stay at home. This is an extra challenge, but I am sure this is possible.

I would appreciate any bits of knowledge and wisdom readers have to share.

Child Care is an Option

I too am a single mom with three boys who has managed to stay home for the nearly four years I have been separated/divorced. It does help to have adequate child support for one thing. I have also done childcare. Currently I do part time childcare and I also have a Mary Kay business on the side. (Readers review at Selling Mary Kay Cosmetics) I make a decent living and this summer I have made it a priority to spend a lot of time with my children. It is actually working. If you enjoy children and don’t mind your house being used by a bunch of kids, childcare isn’t too bad. Not everyone enjoys it, but if you can get out with the kids instead of being stuck inside all day, give it a try.

As for my Mary Kay business, I am not bothered by having to have quotas met or a pushy director or anything like that. I meet a lot of people, help women look more beautiful, and make some extra money every month.

Single Work-at-Home Moms

Admittedly, it is not fun being a single mom. I dislike it immensely, but no prospects in sight for marriage so I continue to plug away doing this alone. God bless your search for just the right thing to stay home with your children. It will mean so much to you and them and you won’t have wasted all those hours away from them.

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